The Kitschenette was founded in the autumn of 2009 from scraps of felt and fabric after hearing those famous words - 'these are great, you should start a business!'

Moving on from fabrics to plastic illustration and resin, and focusing on pop culture designs, I have been honoured over the years to be involved in creating wedding gifts, memorial pieces for lost loved ones and sweet in-jokes between friends.

Rethinking my creations after a short break for my mental health in 2018, I now take my inspiration from Victorian floriography (or the language of flowers), magical literature and well-loved folk stories. Using alchemical techniques to embed your chosen charm combinations and create unique and bewitching pieces.

The Kitschenette is still a one-person independent business, every piece is drawn, painted, poured and crafted by hand, and charged with posi vibes (and full moon energy if you order around that time in the cycle!) before being sent out to you.
When you buy from the Kitschenette you can feel happy knowing you’re helping a small business spread a little magic, and also £1 from every order placed goes to my chosen charity Cabaret vs Cancer (Registered UK Charity No. 1167819).