Sadly I can't answer all of life's burning questions here (like how kids worldwide knew to take the Nintendo cartridge out, blow in it and it would magically work before the Internet existed to tell us that? HOW!?), but I hope I've answered as much as possible with regard to the Kitschenette and your order. Anything I've missed - contact me!

Q: Sooooo...how does this work?

A: Simple! You pick your favourite product and select your favourite shade from the colour palette, then head to Charm School to select your favourite hand-drawn charms! I'll then create the product and embed the charms, using hand-poured resin. Then you're good to go! 

Q: So I can design my own product (yay!), can I design my own charms too!

A: You sure can, upload your designs here! If you can, remember to change your design file name to your name or your initials, this should make it easier for me to match your design to your order. 

Q: What do I do if I'm ordering more than one item? How do I tell you what charms go in which product?

A: Add your choices to notes at checkout, you can even choose the order you want the charms in each product. If you just want one charm in a bigger size in one of my larger pendants, totally doable too - just stick it all in notes or drop me a line. Easy! 

Q: I'm ready to order! How can I pay?

A: Great stuff! The Kitschenette accepts payments through PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay and all major credit and debit cards, including Amex. To pay by credit or debit card, just tap 'Check Out', above the other options and you can enter your address and card details manually. For all other payment options, the payment and address information will be entered automatically from your PayPal/Apple Pay/Google Pay account.